The Gayest Baby Blanket Ever

I planned on posting a few more FOs from the last few months, with an update on my current WIPS.  But I need to devote this entire blog to the beauty that is my newest FO.

Behold, the Rainbow Blanket.  Or, as I like to call it, The Gayest Baby Blanket Ever. 

This blanket is 110 stitches over 46 rows by 7 colors.  Or, 35,420 stitches.  I finished in 10 days.  10 finger cramping, carpal tunnel inducing days.  But it was very worth it.

Like I put on my Rav page, this blanket is my own little personal protest against bigotry.  At first, I wanted to make Julia, my boyfriend Oscar's sister, a baby blanket in a rainbow colorway because I like the colors and think a baby blanket should be something that could be used and played with for years.  I planned to make this out of Knit Picks Palette, and even bought the yarn.  But knit up, my gauge was 8 stitches/inch, meaning a 36" x 60" blanket would be over 200,000 stitches.  Ouch.  So I cancelled my rainbow blanket plans.

Then Oscar and I and his family went the hospital on September 9th and waited for 9 hours for the baby, my new little nephew, to be born.  While waiting, I got to know his family a bit better.  Including his uncle, Tio Bigot.  Just kidding, I forgot his name, but he really was homophobic! 

While all of us hung out in the cafeteria, we chatted about Julia's baby shower.  She didn't allow any guys at her shower except for her gay guy friends.  When Oscar's uncle heard that, he launched into this epic tirade against gay marriage, complete with Bible quotes.  I'm not putting any of what he said here because I don't want to repeat the absolutely misguided things he said.  I couldn't stop him or get him to change the subject.  Eventually, I turned to him and told him that I believed that God is the only one who could judge, not he or I.  That seemed to stop him for a bit. 

So, I came home and resolved to knit a rainbow baby blanket just as fast as I could.  Knowing Julia, she'll probably haul this out and use it in front of him every time he visits.

Aside from being a great way to show exactly where I stand on that issue, I truly do think this is a beautiful blanket.  I had all of the colors in my stash already for a log cabin blanket I was going to make.  It's made out of Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! and it's oh so soft.  I can't wait for her to see it.

Knitting Induced Blogging Hiatus

I'm going to stop apologizing for not blogging.  First of all, who the hell am I apologizing to?  No one reads this but me.  Second, it's an annoying habit, and one I don't like reading in other people's blogs.

So... knitting.  I think knitting is the one single hobby I will never tire of.  I go through so many phases and move on, but my needles keep a-clickin'.  I think it's because I go through phases IN knitting.  Shawls, socks, blanket squares, baby clothes.  Right now my obsession is back to my Etsy store (and sewing, but we won't talk about that yet).

I have one project on the needles right now.  A massive, lovely project.  It's a rainbow colored garter stitch blanket for my new nephew, Marcos.  I started it on September 13, and 6 days later I'm over halfway done. 

My FOs piled up during the last few months of Harry Potter madness.  For the first two months, I submitted to all 6 classes and Quidditch.  Then, I burnt out, not from knitting, but from trying to fit my projects into the prompts.  Oh yeah, and in that time frame I also got obsessed with test knitting for designers, which was really fun.  I still want to do that, but be more selective on the projects I test knit.  I love making kids' clothes, so maybe I'll focus on them.

I have so many FOs that I think I'll need to break them down for the blog, a few at a time.

Girlfriend Market Bag:  Started May 5, Finished May 11.  Used Caron Simply Soft I had in the stash (my goal these last few months was to knit exclusively from stash).  I've been using these to cart puppy stuff to my parent's house.  The holes stretch really big so I have to be careful what I put in there (ew).

Hunca Munca Socks:  Started May 24, Finished May 26.  Baby sized socks I made from my tiny sock yarn stash (is 2 shoe boxes full of yarn tiny?  I can't tell) in Serenity.  First time doing short row heels.  Fiddly little things.  Haven't gifted these yet, but they should go to my nephew once I whip up a matching hat.

French Press Felted Slippers:  Started May 13, Finished May 26.  Used Patons Classic Wool Doubled.  Ugh I messed up big time and they are unwearable.  Serves me right for not using markers to show where I'm supposed to seam.

Petunia Monster:  Started May 17, Finished May 30.  To end this post on a happy note, this is one of my better projects.  I used some random striped yarn I bought at Big Lots for $1, and I cut the yarn frequently to keep the stripes the way I wanted.  Then I took all the purple and pink yarn for the arms and legs.  I sent it in the mail to cheer up Mom when she had a bad day, I tied the flowers to Petunia's "palm" and attached a little note to her body. 

When I was taking pictures, Bunny had to come and stick her nose in to smell the pictures.  This is one of my very favorite pictures.

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