Day One of HPKCHC!

I've been waiting for this day forever!  Well, for about two weeks now.  But it feels like forever.  The Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup classes are posted and homework is due in 30 days!  This is going to be a long post so I can organize my mind AGAIN now that the directions are out and I know what I need to make.

There are 8 classes, and I can submit homework for only 6 of them.  There is also a Quidditch challenge and detention.  I'd like to complete 4 classes this term.  Each class is worth 15 points plus bonus points.  I'm hoping to get 30 points/class. *crosses fingers*  My goal is 400 points this year (three months).

1: Finish an item cast on before May 1.

Idea:  Noro Yoke Cardigan**

History of Magic:
1: Craft something FABULOUS to wear to a record company soiree to help you research Sirius Black’s alleged recording career.
2: Investigate any past Quibbler article and craft something to represent your research.
3: Think you’ve stumbled onto a scoop that might make a good article for upcoming issue of The Quibbler? Craft something to represent your findings and share your expose with the class!
4:  Fabric sewing and quilting accepted.

Idea:  Afternoon Tea Shawl
Idea:  Easy Lace Stole

1: Multiple parts, colors, fibers.
2: Convince us you are someone else.
3: Show your school spirit for a school of your own making.

Idea:  French Press Felted Slippers (pieces)**
Idea:  Coffee Bean Cardigan**

1: Craft something that answers the riddle (mystery)

Idea:  Baby Suprise Jacket**
Idea:  Toorie
Idea:  French Press Felted Slippers**
Idea:  Leaf Blanket

Defense Against the Dark Arts:
1: Be sneaky! Cause our sneakoscopes to light up. Craft something using one Ravelry sanctioned craft that resembles a different craft. For example, use Tunisian crochet to create a fabric that appears knitted, or linen stitch to create something that looks woven, or chain ply your spinning to create a plied yarn that looks space dyed, etc.
2: Create your own sneakoscope or representation of one. Spinners and dyers may spin or dye a yarn that represents the color(s) of their sneakoscope when it lights up.
3: Harry kept his sneakoscope in one of Uncle Vernon’s manky old socks. Make a more pleasant container for your sneakoscope. If you want to keep yours in a sock, remember the rules about socks and mittens and other things that come in pairs (you must turn in two of them)

1: Craft an item using a technique you are afraid to try, or tried before with bad results, an item to represent one of your fears or an item using broomstick lace.

Idea:  Iris the Gourmet Monster**

Muggle Studies:
1: Craft a Ravelry approved project using a new-to-you technique. If you knit try crochet, cables, lace, fair isle, double knitting, or entrelac; Crocheters try color-work, cables or a doily; If you use food dyes try dyeing with acid dyes; If you are a slave to a pattern try making one up; You can do a toe-up sock instead of a cuff-down; Spinners can try a new form of plying

Idea:  Drop spinning**

Care of Magical Creatures:
1: Create a project using or spinning the workhorse yarn worsted weight.(9-11 WPI)
2: Show that Thestrals aren’t bad omens, by making a comfort gift for someone experiencing a loss or big change in their life.
3: Craft a project inspired by the Abraxan or Thestral.
4: To practice the required disillusionment charms create an object that has a secret nature.

5: This term, we will be awarding the Rubeus Hagrid Award to projects that go beyond and capture the essence of Hagrid and his teaching, by following in his footsteps.

Idea:  The Little Professor**
Idea:  Leaf Blanket
Idea:  Easy Lace Stole
Idea:  Double Take Cowl/Hat

1: Craft an item inspired by knarls or hedgehogs (think spiky!)
2: Craft an item inspired by streeler venom (think firey, acid, poisonous!)
3: Craft an item inspired by gnomes (think slingshot, or even ferret!)

Idea:  Missoni Blanket or Pillow!
Idea:  Gnome Mitts
Idea:  Hedgehog Mitts
Idea:  Favorite Scarf Ever

May 18th to May 28th - Mini Sock Challenge
June 2nd to June 15th - House Colors Challenge
July 2nd to July 16th - Tea Cosy Timed Trial (will not be participating)

July 27th to August 12th - In appropriate thread

I don't think this is helping clear the head!


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