Reversible Tuft Cowl

My very first pattern design!  I present...  Reversible Tuft Cowl!

SIZE:                                              MATERIALS:
One Size Fits All                              Rowan Big Wool Tuft, 27 yards/skein
Gauge: 2.5 sts = 1 inch                   1 skein
2.5 rows = 1” in 1x1 ribbed st          #15 size straight needles
Length:  21”                                    K size crochet hook (optional)
Width:  3.25”                                   2 Buttons, Needle & Matching Thread

K:  Knit                                           Pulling the tufts through to one side 
P:  Purl                                           is easier if you pull them through as  
S1P:  Slip st with yarn as if to purl    you knit.  Choose a side that you’d
                                                      like to be tufty and stick with it


Cast on 10 stitches using long tail cast on.  Cast on tail should only be 10-12” long.

Row 1:  S1P, *K1, P1* repeat to end, K1

Repeat Row 1 until 12” of yarn remains.

Cast off using preferred method.

Use crochet hook to pull tufts to the right side.  Weave in ends.

Sew buttons on both the tufty and the plain side of one end of the cowl.  The stitches are loose enough that you won’t need a buttonhole to keep it closed.

You can also have tufts on both sides of the cowl, just don’t pull the tufts through and only sew on one button.

Enjoy your new tufted cowl!

The Little Professor

My first homework project for the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup is complete and I'm working like a maniac on the second.

I finished this bitty sweater vest called The Little Professor...

This will be for Julia's little boy due in September.  I adore the little cables down the front.

It was knit out of Oxford Grey Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted weight yarn I had in the stash.  Isn't the name of the fibre color perfect?  The neckhole is a bit small, and I don't expect it to fit him for long.  I'll find a matching shirt and bitty pants and gift it as a set.  It's only going to one of many many baby knits for him...

I fit it in under the Care of Magical Creatures class.  It fit in as an item for someone expecting a life change, horse themed (horse shoe cabling down the front), and knit from a work-horse (worsted) yarn.

The next project is about halfway done, and I'm itching to cast on the third!

Day One of HPKCHC!

I've been waiting for this day forever!  Well, for about two weeks now.  But it feels like forever.  The Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup classes are posted and homework is due in 30 days!  This is going to be a long post so I can organize my mind AGAIN now that the directions are out and I know what I need to make.

There are 8 classes, and I can submit homework for only 6 of them.  There is also a Quidditch challenge and detention.  I'd like to complete 4 classes this term.  Each class is worth 15 points plus bonus points.  I'm hoping to get 30 points/class. *crosses fingers*  My goal is 400 points this year (three months).

1: Finish an item cast on before May 1.

Idea:  Noro Yoke Cardigan**

History of Magic:
1: Craft something FABULOUS to wear to a record company soiree to help you research Sirius Black’s alleged recording career.
2: Investigate any past Quibbler article and craft something to represent your research.
3: Think you’ve stumbled onto a scoop that might make a good article for upcoming issue of The Quibbler? Craft something to represent your findings and share your expose with the class!
4:  Fabric sewing and quilting accepted.

Idea:  Afternoon Tea Shawl
Idea:  Easy Lace Stole

1: Multiple parts, colors, fibers.
2: Convince us you are someone else.
3: Show your school spirit for a school of your own making.

Idea:  French Press Felted Slippers (pieces)**
Idea:  Coffee Bean Cardigan**

1: Craft something that answers the riddle (mystery)

Idea:  Baby Suprise Jacket**
Idea:  Toorie
Idea:  French Press Felted Slippers**
Idea:  Leaf Blanket

Defense Against the Dark Arts:
1: Be sneaky! Cause our sneakoscopes to light up. Craft something using one Ravelry sanctioned craft that resembles a different craft. For example, use Tunisian crochet to create a fabric that appears knitted, or linen stitch to create something that looks woven, or chain ply your spinning to create a plied yarn that looks space dyed, etc.
2: Create your own sneakoscope or representation of one. Spinners and dyers may spin or dye a yarn that represents the color(s) of their sneakoscope when it lights up.
3: Harry kept his sneakoscope in one of Uncle Vernon’s manky old socks. Make a more pleasant container for your sneakoscope. If you want to keep yours in a sock, remember the rules about socks and mittens and other things that come in pairs (you must turn in two of them)

1: Craft an item using a technique you are afraid to try, or tried before with bad results, an item to represent one of your fears or an item using broomstick lace.

Idea:  Iris the Gourmet Monster**

Muggle Studies:
1: Craft a Ravelry approved project using a new-to-you technique. If you knit try crochet, cables, lace, fair isle, double knitting, or entrelac; Crocheters try color-work, cables or a doily; If you use food dyes try dyeing with acid dyes; If you are a slave to a pattern try making one up; You can do a toe-up sock instead of a cuff-down; Spinners can try a new form of plying

Idea:  Drop spinning**

Care of Magical Creatures:
1: Create a project using or spinning the workhorse yarn worsted weight.(9-11 WPI)
2: Show that Thestrals aren’t bad omens, by making a comfort gift for someone experiencing a loss or big change in their life.
3: Craft a project inspired by the Abraxan or Thestral.
4: To practice the required disillusionment charms create an object that has a secret nature.

5: This term, we will be awarding the Rubeus Hagrid Award to projects that go beyond and capture the essence of Hagrid and his teaching, by following in his footsteps.

Idea:  The Little Professor**
Idea:  Leaf Blanket
Idea:  Easy Lace Stole
Idea:  Double Take Cowl/Hat

1: Craft an item inspired by knarls or hedgehogs (think spiky!)
2: Craft an item inspired by streeler venom (think firey, acid, poisonous!)
3: Craft an item inspired by gnomes (think slingshot, or even ferret!)

Idea:  Missoni Blanket or Pillow!
Idea:  Gnome Mitts
Idea:  Hedgehog Mitts
Idea:  Favorite Scarf Ever

May 18th to May 28th - Mini Sock Challenge
June 2nd to June 15th - House Colors Challenge
July 2nd to July 16th - Tea Cosy Timed Trial (will not be participating)

July 27th to August 12th - In appropriate thread

I don't think this is helping clear the head!

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