I blogged four days in a row!

Today is a sleepy day here at Castaway Casa.  The puppies aren't used to me being home, so they're both sleeping the day away on top of me so I can't leave.  When they're awake, I knit with cotton, when they're asleep, I knit with my expensive yarn.  It's quite the juggling act.

I just knit another Swiffer cloth, then realized they would probably make good Quidditch entries for the HPKCHC, and stopped.  Now I'm working on my Noro Yoke Cardigan.  I don't think I've posted about this one before.  The colors are amazing.  I manipulated two skeins of Noro Silk Garden to keep the yoke bright and beautiful.  The body is knit in Berocco Alpaca in a lovely natural colorway.

It's coming out a little bigger than I expected.  I only have a few inches of the body left to knit, then the sleeves.  I might felt it down a bit, because the sweater works best with negative ease.

And yes, I wound my yarn around a toilet paper roll.  It works, don't judge me!


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