I blogged four days in a row!

Today is a sleepy day here at Castaway Casa.  The puppies aren't used to me being home, so they're both sleeping the day away on top of me so I can't leave.  When they're awake, I knit with cotton, when they're asleep, I knit with my expensive yarn.  It's quite the juggling act.

I just knit another Swiffer cloth, then realized they would probably make good Quidditch entries for the HPKCHC, and stopped.  Now I'm working on my Noro Yoke Cardigan.  I don't think I've posted about this one before.  The colors are amazing.  I manipulated two skeins of Noro Silk Garden to keep the yoke bright and beautiful.  The body is knit in Berocco Alpaca in a lovely natural colorway.

It's coming out a little bigger than I expected.  I only have a few inches of the body left to knit, then the sleeves.  I might felt it down a bit, because the sweater works best with negative ease.

And yes, I wound my yarn around a toilet paper roll.  It works, don't judge me!

Oliver Owlie and His Mommy

I have a new FO!  Two actually... I cast on these owlies on April 15th.  The bodies were finished the very next day, but I didn't have any felt for the eyes.  Last weekend I sewed the faces together, and last night I stuffed them, kitchenered the top closed, and glued on the felt faces. 

Little Owlie Oliver and His Mommy - using the Owl Two Ways pattern.  I used some Lion Brand Wool Ease, and the body is stuffed with fiber-fil and a small jewelry bag on the bottom with $.05 in it to give it some weight.  I think these will be adorable tied to the top of a baby shower gift, or in a baby shower basket with a paper nest. 

These little guys got me my very first Hufflepuff House badge for Amigurumi knits!

I also finished a project back on March 22 that I forgot to link... my Falling Water scarf!  The colors are nice and vibrant and my mom loved it.  The yarn doesn't quite block out, so when you wear it it curls into itself, but the pattern is still apparent. 


Great News! I actually joined the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup this term. I was sorted this morning into Hufflepuff House! I think this is the perfect fit for me... everyone seems really sweet so far. They already have tons of contests and ways to earn badges set up and my head is spinning trying to keep track of it all.

I'm going to set some goals for myself now, to sort out what's rolling through my head. I need to submit between 1 and 6 projects cast on May 1, 1 detention project, and submit for several of the badges. I also want to make sure I use as much stash as possible... no buying new yarn!

Here's some ideas:

Detention: Noro Yoke Cardigan - Need to complete as much as possible before May 1, when I can turn it in for 10 points.

Project No. 1 - French Press Felted Slippers - Ruffled Version - Use my 4 skeins denim blue Patons wool - 15 base points plus bonus points

Project No. 2 - The Little Professor - Use my 4 skeins oxford grey Lion Brand Wool-Ease - 15 base points plus bonus points

Project No. 3 - Owl Two Ways - Use 1 skein oatmeal Lion Brand Thick & Quick - 15 base points plus bonus points (This will also count for the House Badge Amiguri Project)

Project No. 4 - Easy Lace Stole - Use ?? - 15 base points plus bonus points Project

No. 5 - Blanket Square #1 - Use rose Vanna's Choice - 15 base points plus bonus points

Project No. 6 - Blanket Square #2 - Use rose Vanna's Choice - 15 base points plus bonus points

Project No. 7 - Pine Forest Baby Blanket - Use 4 skeins cream Lion Brand Wool-Ease - 15 base points plus bonus points

Project No. 8 - Dobby Socks - Use sock yarn - 15 base points plus bonus points (This will also count for the House Badge Sock Project)
One blogless day leads to another, and the longer I go without recording my knitting the worse I feel. I have so much to say, and no time! First of all, I have to admit that in two weeks, I've only finished two projects. And they aren't at all impressive. Two little cotton Swiffer pads, easy to knit, easy to attach, and easy to wash.

These guys are of course the reason I'm FOless.

Their favorite chew toys are water bottles, ice cubes, blanket and pillow threads, and, of course, my yarn. My current project was a sweater knit with $75 worth of Berocco Alpaca, and that project is on hold until the pups learn that Mama's toys and Puppies' toys are not the same thing! So... washable cotton it is. :)


I know I've been missing in action for a little while, but I do have a valid reason this time! On April 6th, I adopted two beautiful little maltipoos. Meet my new babies!

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