Just finished dinner made with love by the amazing BF, Oscar! Chicken (dark meat, my fave), onion and green peppers perfectly seasoned and cooked on our grill. *heaven*

This was a pretty slow knitting week for me. I spent about 4 days fussing over a gosh-darned button band on a baby sweater. Believe me, I didn't use the word gosh-darned earlier either. In the end, I'm still not satisfied with it, but it's finished.

Here's my Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos. I bought this pattern back in January and knit everything but the yoke before my cruise in February. Last weekend I tried to pick up and knit the button band, but it looked really wonky, so I knit the two bands separately to sew on. They looked great in my room, but in the natural daylight you could tell the dye lot was completely wrong. I had to wait til Saturday to get a new ball and finally finished the sweater. The yarn is Patons Canadia in Aran, Cherished Pink, Dark Amethyst and Pale Amethyst. I think the darker purple and the buttons kept it from looking too cotton candyish.

Ohhhhh... I'm in love with ze leetle heepo buttons! They are too cute!

I also finished the Baby Sophisticate. A little soak in Euclan made it a bit softer but I still don't know if I like it enough to gift it. The yarn was 100% virgin New Zealand wool reclaimed from a thrift store sweater.

Around November of last year, I knit some socks and decided that was my new "thing". But we all know how long those urges last with me. Unfortunately, I bought enough yarn for 8 pairs of socks from Joanns online. Most of it was the Premier Gardens Serenity yarn, which comes in great colors, but doesn't look like it makes good socks. Splitty, limp, with the consistency of a flat shoelace, I've been trying to use it up. To that end, I cast on another lace scarf for my mom yesterday. It's Falling Waterin the hibiscus colorway, gorgeous reds and browns. Again, it's a really fast knit, especially at only 32 stitches per row. I'm at two feet right now and about to bust a move tonight. See ya in a few days!


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