Just finished dinner made with love by the amazing BF, Oscar! Chicken (dark meat, my fave), onion and green peppers perfectly seasoned and cooked on our grill. *heaven*

This was a pretty slow knitting week for me. I spent about 4 days fussing over a gosh-darned button band on a baby sweater. Believe me, I didn't use the word gosh-darned earlier either. In the end, I'm still not satisfied with it, but it's finished.

Here's my Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos. I bought this pattern back in January and knit everything but the yoke before my cruise in February. Last weekend I tried to pick up and knit the button band, but it looked really wonky, so I knit the two bands separately to sew on. They looked great in my room, but in the natural daylight you could tell the dye lot was completely wrong. I had to wait til Saturday to get a new ball and finally finished the sweater. The yarn is Patons Canadia in Aran, Cherished Pink, Dark Amethyst and Pale Amethyst. I think the darker purple and the buttons kept it from looking too cotton candyish.

Ohhhhh... I'm in love with ze leetle heepo buttons! They are too cute!

I also finished the Baby Sophisticate. A little soak in Euclan made it a bit softer but I still don't know if I like it enough to gift it. The yarn was 100% virgin New Zealand wool reclaimed from a thrift store sweater.

Around November of last year, I knit some socks and decided that was my new "thing". But we all know how long those urges last with me. Unfortunately, I bought enough yarn for 8 pairs of socks from Joanns online. Most of it was the Premier Gardens Serenity yarn, which comes in great colors, but doesn't look like it makes good socks. Splitty, limp, with the consistency of a flat shoelace, I've been trying to use it up. To that end, I cast on another lace scarf for my mom yesterday. It's Falling Waterin the hibiscus colorway, gorgeous reds and browns. Again, it's a really fast knit, especially at only 32 stitches per row. I'm at two feet right now and about to bust a move tonight. See ya in a few days!

10 Months Later...

A lot has happened in the last 10 months knitwise. Things like this...

and this...

and even a few of these...

So far I've been content to post on Ravelry and Facebook, but I'm lost in a sea of online faces on Rav and I'm too shy to gush over my knitting on FB. It's time I got out the blog, dusted it off a bit, and started updating regularly. I've been watching and listening to knitting podcasts, and while I'm too shy to video tape myself (and ok, too cheap to spend my yarn money on video equipment), I think I can handle the ol' blog again. I just get so nervous when people comment!

Right now, on the needles, I have six projects. SIX! Too many for me to even go over in one blog post. But the oldest three are:

1. Featherweight Cardigan. This project was started all the way back in September 2011. It's an easy pattern, be-yoo-tiful Malabrigo single ply yarn in Natural and Dusky Rose. The problem? Laceweight yarn. Why oh why did I make my first sweater project in laceweight yarn!! To distract myself from this question, here's a picture of the sweater, amazing colors, right?

2. Baby Sophisticate.
This is my first baby sophisticate but I later finished another that I love. I didn't even have a recipient in mind! I knit it with a reclaimed yarn made of 100% virgin New Zealand wool. It felt like the yarn felted when I washed it, it's horribly rough and stiff, but the sweater I took it from was amazingly soft. I just keep knitting and knitting hoping it'll get better but... maybe it's time to face the facts and frog. But I only have the sleeves left to go! My desire for a FO is greater than my desire for a good sweater. The question becomes: frog or knit?

Simple Skyp Socks. These are for my dad and knit in Premier Garden Serenity Yarn. It's a synthetic fiber, and the first yarn I've ever knit with that I'd describe as "splitty". This yarn is like a teenage cheerleading squad. It's also progressing V E R Y slowly. It's a top down sock and I'm only halfway down the foot after the gusset decreases.

I have a Finished Object! It's my Feather and Fan scarf knit again from Premier Garden Serenity Yarn in the Crocus colorway. This thing is gorgeous. I cast it on on March 3rd as a break from another sweater (and that's a whooooole 'nother story). I thought I'd finish in a month, and give it to my Mom for Mother's Day. After all, anything I knit in a purple colorway automatically goes to her. I did the math and figured I'd need to do 3 pattern repeats a day to finish in a month.

I just couldn't stop knitting. I knit at lunch, after work, just watching the colors change and the lace unfold. I finished on March 9th while I was at my parent's house and just handed it to my mom. It didn't even need blocking. It's just gorgeous. I braved the dog poo scattered yard in my favorite shoes to photograph this in a tree. That's love.

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