Embrace the Stigma

I regret to inform you that my flip flopping from hobby to hobby has progressed even farther. In the last few months, I've been obsessed with knitting, reading, dehydrating food, reclaiming yarn, reading and even blogging. The last month I've expanded to something new...


I kid you not. I truly have become Mother Hubbard. I'm both ashamed and proud, my Jew side has its chance to roar, and my other side can't do anything to restrain it. It doesn't help that the boyfriend is egging me on and for the first time in our 3.5 year relationship, we share a common hobby. And it is couponing.

I started on April 10th, and I think I know enough now to start documenting my trips. Both to restrain myself and encourage myself. Because as much as my other side may be ashamed of walking into the store with a purse full of coupons, it can't help but love walking out with a bag full of makeup and more money than I walked in with. Who wouldn't?

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