I am plagued with indecision...

I suppose indecision isn't the worst plague. Definitely ranks below the first born son thing. And the blood *shudder*. Although I do think the frogs would be kinda cute.

I can't figure out what to knit. I can't quite stomach the thought of starting a whole stockinette skirt. I don't have the right yarn for a vest unless I want everything I knit in the future to be grey, and I ran into some trouble with the white yarn for the circular shrug.

Last night I started unraveling this:

Gorgeous, eh? A pure white cotton cabled sweater. The seams were a cinch, until I got to the shoulders. Then I found out that the sleeves were serged to the shoulders! Grrrr...

I ended up just cutting across the top of one of the sleeves, and started to unravel, hoping I would still have enough yarn for the shrug. Instead, I found out that TWO different strands of yarn had been used to make the fabric, alternating rows. Why? Why would anyone do this?

So, I trashed it. Now I'm frustrated, I still don't have a yarn for the shrug and I'm determined it's going to be white. I've only unraveled a cream and gray sweater, and haven't found another white one. Guess I'm going shopping again this weekend.

One good thing though, look at the cables on this baby!

Absolutely beautiful, I'm giong to knit a hat with this cable pattern out of the Pat O' Butter sweater sleeve I unraveled last night. 220 yards from one sleeve, enough for an amazing chunky slouchy cabled hat. Unless I change my mind tomorrow.


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