Hermit Day

I promise I don't have a hermit day every weekend. It only HAPPENS to fall on the day I write blog posts. Promise.

Today I started with peeling, coring, slicing and soaking apples for drying, washing dishes, shopping thrift stores in Coronado for yarn to reclaim, watching BBC romances and knitting to finish a simple grey shawl. Holy crap.

The shawl is for Mom at work since she gets cold easily. I named it First Shawl for First Lady, as it's my first shawl (duh) but it should be named The Ad Infinitum Shawl of Ad Infinitum Knitting Infinitumness. It will never end. I actually wrote down a list of the rows I have remaining so when I finish a row and turn the work, I check off a row and feel I accomplished something. It's that bad. Here it is in all its messy glory.

Now back to Episode 3 of Jane Eyre. God bless the BBC.


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