The boyfriend is a genius

For those of you who have doubted the boyfriend has a grain of knitting common sense (namely me), I have proof of it for me... errr... for you today. Last Friday, I was moping and grumbling in bed about my lack of a project, surfing projects in Rav to try to find something for which I had the yarn, needles, and the interest. Something useful, wearable. The BF finally snatched the laptop from me, snapped that he would find a project for me, and whatever it was, I HAD to knit it. Regardless of what it was. I was intrigued enough to agree.

I directed him to my Ravelry page of favorites, so I wouldn't find myself knitting pasties or a willie warmer. Or rather, I directed him to my 14 pages of favorites, I have over 300 projects flagged that I intend to make someday. About 4 or 5 pages in, he found it. The perfect project for my next knit. He declared that it would be so.

So today I'm casting on the sexy vesty I've been dithering over.

Strange coincidence, right?! I thought so, I think maybe he and I share the same taste. Except you'll never see me in a pair of chanclas.

He wanted me to make sexy vesty in black, but after 4 thrift stores I still hadn't found a black sweater to unravel. I did find the most amazing denim colored cardigan, and decided it would be perfect. I unraveled it yesterday, and the washed skeins spent the night drying in front of a heater so I can start it tonight. Can't wait!


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