Blog Envy

I've been obsessively reading The Yarn Harlot for the last few days. I'm catching up on her archives and reading frontwords. I'm in October 2004, and she started in January 2004. She blogs EVERY DAY. And every day writes something genius that forces me to disguise my laughing at my desk as hiccups and everyone thinks I'm choking. But it's worth it.

She is teaching me some things. Like improvising my own patterns. And that it's not the end of the world to have 2 projects going on at once, or even 10 or 15 projects at once. And that I shouldn't have to hide the shame of my knitting but wear it proudly in all it's weird colored, droopy yarned glory. Next project is MINE!

Speaking of projects being mine, out of the 36 projects I have listed on Ravelry, only 4 were for me. I need to become a selfish knitter!

My next project is either a sexy vesty, a lacy circular shrug, or a summer flies shawl. Depends on what yarn I have reclaimed. I wish I could find a pink sweater to unravel. I just finished this one and got almost 2,000 yards of luvverly grey cotton. Can you believe it?? 2,000 yards!!!!


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