Behold the Ad Infinitum Shawl!

I finished it during lunch yesterday. Linky to Ravelry pattern page.

Move along people, nothing to see here. And yes I did eventually end up tucking all the ends in...

It's a measure of the love I have for this shawl that I'm nearly in profile, GRINNING (I haf teef!), and you can see the TV in the background.

I think the boyfriend was excited about this one too. When I called him and told him I'd cast off during lunch, he said he was disappointed because he didn't get to see my face when I finished the project. I'm not sure exactly what face I make, but assume it's similar to an O face or he wouldn't be so disappointed.

Now I have a dilemma. I decided to start a Circular Shrug but change it a bit and make the body portion out of lace. I'd like to try white since I picked up this great fingering weight sweater over the weekend, pure white cables. No tag, but it feels like cotton. But I have nothing to knit while I unravel the sweater. Oh noes! I feel lost.


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