All alone...

This is my first weekend alone for some time now. If my bf isn't off work, I've spent it up north with my parents. I've been planning my day like a battle commander, detailing exactly what I want to do with my free time. And now I'm bored...

So I'm back to the living room, reclaiming Sweater #2, a nylon, angora rabbit and mohair blend. I'm unraveling the back right now, and one of the sleeves, all 260 soft yards of goodness, is soaking in some shampoo. It smells terrible, hoping the coconut shampoo helps... This yarn is destined to be my first lace scarf so I want it to be perfect and soft.

I've been so busy reclaiming yarn I haven't had much time to knit. Right now I have about 5 projects in the works, my Mini Mochi Striped Scarf, a lacy shrug, my rose afghan, my Light on Ocean Wrap, and a granny square for my 2011 crochet-a-long. Having this many projects in the works is driving me batty but I can't seem to finish any of them.

I can't concentrate on this blog, because I'm watching The Fifth Element, for the hundredth time, and even though I can quote it I'm off to watch it.


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