I'm BACK beaches!

I suppose I should clarify in case of confusion, I don't want anyone to picture alien abductions or time travel. I've been here the whole time, but my Etsy shop has been on hiatus. I had to give my decrepit fingers a chance to relax!

I took a month in the summer to create and photograph more items, then reopened my shop in October. Last year the number of items in my Etsy shop never exceeded 8. This year, I'm at 18 items already with about 7 more waiting to be added. I can tell fingerless gloves aren't as popular as they were last year, but my button cowls are.

I've also been approached by two different consignment shops. The first was a lady who runs the gift boutiques for six different art galleries in Seattle, WA. I'm sending her my first box of crocheted creations on Monday. The second is an Etsy seller who just got her first brick and mortar store in New York. I'm thinking over this offer as I'm not sure about the demand from my Etsy store and the art galleries. It'll be hard to accomplish everything and have a real life!

I also branched out in one more area: Knitting! I'm VERY surprised by how easy it is. I've made a few scarves, and intend to send them to WA and NY. It's hard to concentrate on the orders I need to get out when I can work on a new project, but I try!

I already made it into the front page this year, and was featured in a blog. The Christmas season is going to be crazy but I'm ready for it...


Ahhh... another glorious and relaxing weekend at my parent's house! I would love to write an interesting post telling you all what I did, but it mostly involved a lot of playing with the dogs, watching crime TV, and eating. *sigh* Perfection!

I did get one new creation done over the weekend... a crocheted bath puff for my dad. Tell me what you think! I actually had more fun taking the pics than I did crocheting the dang thing. Who doesn't love rubber duckies?

I did the math... there are more than 1,150 crochet stitches in this puff ball! Not worth the money to make it for Etsy... maybe I should sell the pattern?

Whatever I decide to do, I'm in love with the colors in the pictures and hope they are front page worthy.

Look what I just got!

Ok, before I go off in my usually spazzy way, here's some background. I'm becoming addicted to blog giveaways. My new favorite site is http://www.prizey.net/. Every day at lunch I check out all the entries expiring that day, and enter them. All you do is check out a new website and comment on the blog! It's a great way to find new sellers and even good gift ideas! Most of the giveaways are for moms, or soon to be moms, but I find a couple geared towards the single women!

But I finally won a blog giveaway! It was for these amazing fused glass coasters:

They are truly beautiful, and are going to look great in my boring brown living room. Something to spice it up!

The seller who makes these is here at http://sandree.etsy.com/. She takes a sheet of glass, cuts out and arranges the pieces and then melts it all together in a kiln. The finished product... Gorgeous!!

Quick update

I joined Facebook! I am seriously in shock at how cool it is... and I've only had a few minutes to check it out! So far, I love the fact that I can put in my email address and it searches my contacts for people on Facebook, I love that I see everyone's updates and it's so easy just to go and slap a quick comment on someone's Wall, and I LOVE that it gives me suggestions as to people I should know based on common friends and my school or job...

Jenn is on there. And Adrienne. And Callie. And Jeff. And my s-brother Bryce from Ken's marriage and my steps-sister Michelle from my mom's. And Mitch, MaryLue, and a million people from my high school that I'd love to check up on. *sigh* I can see I'm not going to get much work done today...

I'm in the process of fixing up my page, but check me out and add me! Just search for Heather Yellen. See ya there!



Ok, sorry for the screaming. And the hyperventilating. And the nude happy dance. (WTF?? No, I'm kidding! Just making sure you're paying attention.)

I logged onto my Etsy site on Saturday and half my items were sold... 4 sales in one hour! I checked the Flickr site that lists all the front pages and there I was... front and center. Not shunted off into the corner like a red headed step-scarflette, right up top!!

Now let's all go do a nude happy dance!!

*****edit: Now that I think about it... I wish I had put my hair behind my ear in that dang pic. How messy!

Finally, I'm home!

I've been living here in San Diego since October 2008, but it hasn't REALLY felt like home. I've been living out of boxes... at least it feels that way. All of my 600+ books have been boxed up in our second living space, I've been digging through them every time I want to read.

Welp, I finally bought a second bookcase to organize my books. I spent all morning organizing my books in the living room:

And TADA!!!!


I know my last post...

Was about how beautiful the San Diego weather is (going to be 85 degrees today, heehee), but that doesn't stop me from wanting to wear the scarves and hats and gloves I used to wear when I lived in Idaho. *sigh* Remember Mom, when we went snowmobiling we'd wear a ski mask, sweater, snow suit, scarf, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of thick socks, and snow boots. Heaven forbid if you actually had to pee in that gear!!

So I bought a wonderful beautiful hot pink and black scarf from Kristin at http://kristynskreations.etsy.com. I'll put pics on tomorrow. It's perfect for this weather, I get to sport a really cute scarf without it being too thick or hot! Besides I look totally hot in it! (I kid, I kid). She's also the team leader of the new etsy team I joined, CreateCrochet. While I've never been in a team before, and I'm not quite sure what to do yet, I know it'll be great!

I think I joined a team because I miss the companionship of being with other people who do arts and crafts. It seems like every time I pick up my hook these days I think of my grandma, and how great it would be if she were still here. I want to share my love of crafts with other people who understand it. I hope this team will be full of people who just want to laugh and share and be friends.

The rain in Spain stays mainly...

Away from San Diego! This weekend confirmed what I have known for a long time... California really is one of the best places to live! I woke up on Sunday at 9 and went yarn shopping in my shirt sleeves, it was 75 degrees outside. I love the sun!

I decided to take my yarn to Imperial Beach, it's only about 5 miles away, and crochet on the sand. What better way to make a pair of armwarmers, letting them soak up the sunshine! But, after cleaning my messy condo, I was too "comfortable" to go out in public, so I set up my chair on the balcony with a footrest. Here is a pic of my view:

Great, huh! I'd put a pic of me on here, but like I said before, too comfortable. I was wearing a pair of fluffy snowman socks (shush, you know you own a pair), capris and an Eeyore t-shirt (again, shush, you can never be too old to love a depressed ass).

I love California!

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