I'm BACK beaches!

I suppose I should clarify in case of confusion, I don't want anyone to picture alien abductions or time travel. I've been here the whole time, but my Etsy shop has been on hiatus. I had to give my decrepit fingers a chance to relax!

I took a month in the summer to create and photograph more items, then reopened my shop in October. Last year the number of items in my Etsy shop never exceeded 8. This year, I'm at 18 items already with about 7 more waiting to be added. I can tell fingerless gloves aren't as popular as they were last year, but my button cowls are.

I've also been approached by two different consignment shops. The first was a lady who runs the gift boutiques for six different art galleries in Seattle, WA. I'm sending her my first box of crocheted creations on Monday. The second is an Etsy seller who just got her first brick and mortar store in New York. I'm thinking over this offer as I'm not sure about the demand from my Etsy store and the art galleries. It'll be hard to accomplish everything and have a real life!

I also branched out in one more area: Knitting! I'm VERY surprised by how easy it is. I've made a few scarves, and intend to send them to WA and NY. It's hard to concentrate on the orders I need to get out when I can work on a new project, but I try!

I already made it into the front page this year, and was featured in a blog. The Christmas season is going to be crazy but I'm ready for it...


Callie, Shawn and Braxton said...
November 17, 2009 at 9:23 AM

Yeah that is so exciting. COngrats.

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