Look what I just got!

Ok, before I go off in my usually spazzy way, here's some background. I'm becoming addicted to blog giveaways. My new favorite site is http://www.prizey.net/. Every day at lunch I check out all the entries expiring that day, and enter them. All you do is check out a new website and comment on the blog! It's a great way to find new sellers and even good gift ideas! Most of the giveaways are for moms, or soon to be moms, but I find a couple geared towards the single women!

But I finally won a blog giveaway! It was for these amazing fused glass coasters:

They are truly beautiful, and are going to look great in my boring brown living room. Something to spice it up!

The seller who makes these is here at http://sandree.etsy.com/. She takes a sheet of glass, cuts out and arranges the pieces and then melts it all together in a kiln. The finished product... Gorgeous!!


KristynsKreations said...
February 24, 2009 at 5:44 AM

those are pretty! congrats on winning a giveaway

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