Look what I just got!

Ok, before I go off in my usually spazzy way, here's some background. I'm becoming addicted to blog giveaways. My new favorite site is http://www.prizey.net/. Every day at lunch I check out all the entries expiring that day, and enter them. All you do is check out a new website and comment on the blog! It's a great way to find new sellers and even good gift ideas! Most of the giveaways are for moms, or soon to be moms, but I find a couple geared towards the single women!

But I finally won a blog giveaway! It was for these amazing fused glass coasters:

They are truly beautiful, and are going to look great in my boring brown living room. Something to spice it up!

The seller who makes these is here at http://sandree.etsy.com/. She takes a sheet of glass, cuts out and arranges the pieces and then melts it all together in a kiln. The finished product... Gorgeous!!

Quick update

I joined Facebook! I am seriously in shock at how cool it is... and I've only had a few minutes to check it out! So far, I love the fact that I can put in my email address and it searches my contacts for people on Facebook, I love that I see everyone's updates and it's so easy just to go and slap a quick comment on someone's Wall, and I LOVE that it gives me suggestions as to people I should know based on common friends and my school or job...

Jenn is on there. And Adrienne. And Callie. And Jeff. And my s-brother Bryce from Ken's marriage and my steps-sister Michelle from my mom's. And Mitch, MaryLue, and a million people from my high school that I'd love to check up on. *sigh* I can see I'm not going to get much work done today...

I'm in the process of fixing up my page, but check me out and add me! Just search for Heather Yellen. See ya there!



Ok, sorry for the screaming. And the hyperventilating. And the nude happy dance. (WTF?? No, I'm kidding! Just making sure you're paying attention.)

I logged onto my Etsy site on Saturday and half my items were sold... 4 sales in one hour! I checked the Flickr site that lists all the front pages and there I was... front and center. Not shunted off into the corner like a red headed step-scarflette, right up top!!

Now let's all go do a nude happy dance!!

*****edit: Now that I think about it... I wish I had put my hair behind my ear in that dang pic. How messy!

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