The rain in Spain stays mainly...

Away from San Diego! This weekend confirmed what I have known for a long time... California really is one of the best places to live! I woke up on Sunday at 9 and went yarn shopping in my shirt sleeves, it was 75 degrees outside. I love the sun!

I decided to take my yarn to Imperial Beach, it's only about 5 miles away, and crochet on the sand. What better way to make a pair of armwarmers, letting them soak up the sunshine! But, after cleaning my messy condo, I was too "comfortable" to go out in public, so I set up my chair on the balcony with a footrest. Here is a pic of my view:

Great, huh! I'd put a pic of me on here, but like I said before, too comfortable. I was wearing a pair of fluffy snowman socks (shush, you know you own a pair), capris and an Eeyore t-shirt (again, shush, you can never be too old to love a depressed ass).

I love California!


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