Hooking with Mom

I went to my parent's house for the Thanksgiving weekend, I showed up at the front door with a small bag of clothes and a huge box of yarn, lol. I spent 4 great days there and loved every minute of it!

Of course, showing up with that much specialty yarn made my mom's creative fingers twitch, she wanted to make a cell phone case. I set her up with yarn and her own hook, and she did a really great job! It wasn't until she asked me to show her how to make an accent flower that the fun really began. It went something like this...

Heather: Ok... so here goes. First, chain 4. Then make a single crochet stitch.
Mom: Make a what?
Heather: A single crochet stitch. Put your hook in that hole, grab the yarn and pull it through.
Mom: Ok, now what?
Heather: Now a double crochet right... here.
Mom: How do you do that?
Heather: Wrap it, poke it in that hole, then pull it out again.
Mom: Ok. Did I do it right?
Heather: Yes! Let's do it again. Wait!
Mom: What?!
Heather: You have to wrap it first!
Mom: Do you always have to wrap it first?
Heather: Well... not always. Depends on who... I mean what stitch you're doing. Just keep going.
Mom: How many times? My fingers are starting to hurt!
Heather: You need to work your way all the way around the flower.
Mom: But I can't get it into this hole any more, it's too tight!
Heather: *snigger*
Mom: *dirty look*

After that joyful episode, our crochet lesson ended for the weekend. :) But we made some great cell phone cases!

Below is the pattern for the accent flowers. I made this up myself, and with a variation of yarn type and size, you can make many different looks!


You will need:
Size F Hook

SC = Single crochet
HDC = Half double crochet
DC = Double crochet
No gauge required

Step 1: Chain 5. Join in 1st chain to make ring.

Step 2: Chain 1. *SC in center ring. Chain 4*. Repeat from * 4 times. Join chain with slip stitch in 1st SC.

Step 3: In each petal made by chain, crochet the following: *1 SC, 1 HDC, 3 DC, 1 HDC, 1 SC*. Repeat from * 4 times.

(With a fuzzier yarn like a mohair, you can tie off the flower right now and it will look perfect! With more slender yarns, you can continue on for a double layer flower look.)

Step 4: Stitching in center hole and exiting through the back of each petal, crochet the following: *3 DC, 1 HDC, 1 SC*. Repeat from * 4 times. Join with slip stitch in 1st DC on 1st flower.

Step 5: Pull extra yarn to the back and tie off tightly. Accent the center with a button, beads, or other items.

I've been using these flowers on armwarmers, gifts, barrettes, headbands, cell phones... the possibilities are endless! Please feel free to use this pattern for your own use but not for resale purposes!


motley boutique said...
December 3, 2008 at 5:48 PM

That's hilarious! Gotta love moms.

kim* said...
December 5, 2008 at 12:37 AM

im confused cause i dont work with yarn

Tony and Leslie and Family said...
January 4, 2009 at 5:48 PM

Hi Heather :) - It's so great how well you are doing. I try to keep up through your mom about all your accomplishments. I know that she is very proud of you. If you would like to check out our blog - grandmaleslie.blogspot.com
(There are also links to Aaron's (and Afton), Mandi's (and Nate's) and the triplets blogs.

Take Care,

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