What luck!

Look how much better my pictures are getting! And I'm in another treasury! http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=23123 How exciting... My name is getting out there!

This is the shop for the wonderful person who put me in the treasury: http://thepeachtree.etsy.com

I'm spending the entire weekend at my parent's house for Thanksgiving, I miss them so much! I'm planning on bringing a TUB of yarn and creating at least five new items for my shop. I'd also like to take my pictures again. Constant improvement!

My goal for the weekend is:

Retake pictures and edit existing listings
List new pink armwarmers
List new plum armwarmers
Create and list maroon scarflette
Create grey cowl for Mum
Create teal mohair cell case for Kristie

Hopefully this will result in my first sale! I just have to stay off Mum's Xbox!


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