Treasury Alert!

I'm in a treasury! Here it is: It was listed by this wonderful etsyan:

I'm sad to say my etsy shop looks the same as it did a week ago. I had such plans! I was going to crochet an item a day, post on forums for 3 hours a day, and sell sell sell! Crazy, huh? I forgot to factor in the TIME it takes!

One good thing though, a very good thing! I had made a pair of my little wristwarmers as a gift from my mom to a friend of hers at work, and that got me two new fingerless glove orders. My mom received the gloves, gave them to the ladies they were intended for and I had five new orders 20 minutes later! FIVE!! In 20 minutes! Can you tell I'm excited yet??

I'm hard at work on the new gloves but missing my etsy shop. I want to post more items... but I'll have plenty of time for that later. Right now... my crochet needle awaits!


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